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Plastic Super Intalox Saddles

         AceChemPack Plastic Super INTALOX saddles  ( NOT Koch-Glitsch INTALOX) are a versatile and economical industry standard with well-known performance characteristics.  Low pressure drop, high flux , high efficiency , easy to handle.


  • Absorption, scrubbing, and stripping services

  • Pulp and paper service, such as bleach plant absorbers

  • Versatile alternative to ceramic saddles


Good Capacity and Low Pressure Drop  

  • Higher capacity and lower pressure drop than ceramic saddles.

  • Multiple sizes provide ability to optimize capacity and efficiency based on application requirements. 

Higher Liquid Hold-up and Residence Time

  • Relatively high liquid hold-up allows good absorption efficiency with slow chemical reaction.

Versatile Standard Packing

  • Lower sensitivity to liquid and vapor distribution quality allows use with conventional liquid distributors.


OD *H * T mm

n /m3
Bulk Density
specific surface area
m 2 /m 3

void rate

dry packing factor
m- 1
1.5" 38mm 38*19*1.2 57200 160 207 0.90 108
2" 50mm 50*25*1.5 6710 117 108 0.93 69
3" 76mm 76*38*2 1480 94 89 0.94 52

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