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 Plastic Taper Ring

AceChemPack Taper Ring plastic random packing is specifically designed for biological waste water treatment. 


  • BOD reduction

  • Nitrification processes, including fish farming

  • Polishing applications

  • Biological waste water treatment

  • Aerobic or anaerobic treatment of high-strength effluents


Excellent Biological Filtration 

  • Maximum exposed surface area allows growth of micro-organisms for enhanced biological activity, liquid distribution, oxygen transfer and low sludge production.

  • Open area and high voidage ensures flow patterns that provide continuous contact between effluent, biomass and circulating air.

  • Open area enhances sloughing characteristic and minimizes potential blockages. 

High Mechanical Strength and UV Protection

  • High mechanical strength provides excellent performance in deep beds.

  • Construction material is UV stabilized and chemically inert so it is non-toxic to micro-organisms and immune to fungal or bacterial degradation.


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