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  BETA RING high performance random packing provides high capacity and efficiency.


  • Absorption and stripping services

  • Air and water coolers in air separation plants


High Vapor Capacity and Low Pressure Drop  

  • Low aspect ratio increases capacity and reduces pressure drop.  The preferred vertical orientation of the packing axes allows free gas flow through the packed bed.

  • Lower pressure drop than Pall rings and saddles. 

High Efficiency

  • Unique, proprietary construction of slots, tabs, and spokes provides excellent surface area for effective gas and liquid contact and improved separation efficiency.

Fouling Resistant

  • Open structure and preferred vertical orientation inhibits fouling by allowing solids to be more easily flushed through the bed by the liquid.

High Liquid Handling Capacity

  • Excellent efficiency at high liquid rates improves separation performance and allows reduction in column height in new installations.

  • Low liquid hold-up minimizes column inventory and liquid residence time. 


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