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 AceChemPack Metal Intaloks Saddle Ring (Metal Saddles Rings)


       AceChemPack Metal_Intaloks Saddle Rings or metal saddle ( NOT Koch  INTALOX SADDLES) gives the best of both the worlds in terms of performance i.e. low-pressure drop and high efficiency. Hence AceChemPack Metal Intaloks Saddle Rings  can be effectively used in both high pressure as well as vacuum towers. Some of its other advantages include large effective interfacial area, high mechanical strength (its monolithic construction overcomes the problem of "opening out" at ends as experienced in ring shaped packings) and low cost. AceChemPack Metal_Intalox Saddle Ring or metal saddle is available in various sizes, which give different combinations of efficiency and pressure drop.
         AceChemPack Metal Intaloks Saddle Rings (
NOT Koch  INTALOX SADDLES) offer a 30% lower pressure drop than Pall Rings but with a lower liquid hold-up. This facilitates shorter packed bed heights. AceChemPack Metal Intaloks Saddle Rings’ physical shape permits maximum randomness and minimum alignment, Advanced design gives it(Metal Saddle Ring) a high rate of liquid film surface renewal producing a high mass transfer rate, leading to a greater capacity and efficiency compared to other random packings, Large number of contact points for homogenous distribution of liquid and gas, Facilitates shorter packed bed heights.


      AceChemPack Metal Intaloks Saddle Ring (Metal Saddle Ring) is high performance random packing, successfully used in mass transfer towers both small and large diameter. AceChemPack Metal Intaloks Saddle Rings (Metal Saddles Ring) is also frequently used in deep vacuum towers where low pressure drop is crucial and also high pressure towers where capacity significantly exceeds conventional trays.

1) A versatile packing used in distillation, absorption etc.

2) Used in both deep vacuum and high pressure towers.

Material available:

     AceChemPack Metal Intaloks Saddle Ring  (Metal Saddles Rings) can be fabricated from a variety of metals like Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium and Zirconium.

Specifications of metal saddles:

ITEM Bulk Density pcs/m3 Surface Area m2/m3 Voidage (%) Packing Factor
 15 347500 291.3 95.6 51
 25 135000 225.8 96.6 41
 40 50000 150.8 97.7 24
 50 15000 100 98 18
70 4625 60 98.5 12

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