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 Ceramic Super Intalox Saddles


       AceChemPack Ceramic Super Intalox saddles (or Ceramic super saddles for short, NOT Koch-Glitsch INTALOX) are the most frequently used high-performance packing which exhibit advantages for most applications in comparison with other packing of different shapes.  Ceramic super saddles' smooth surface imparts a high chemical resistance and provides them with a high level of stability.  Due to their simple form,  AceChemPack Ceramic Super Intalox saddles can be produced at a relatively low cost.  AceChemPack is the best ceramic super intalox saddles manufacturer, ceramic super inalox saddles supplier for you.


        AceChemPack Ceramic Super Intalox saddles  ( NOT Koch-Glitsch INTALOX) are widely used as Regenerative Thermal oxidizers, Acid Gas Scrubbers, Dryer Towers, Tail Gas Scrubbers and Impasse Towers.

Specification of ceramic super intalox saddles

Normal Size Approx.Weight Surface Area Void Fraction(%) Dry Packing factor (m-1)
lb/ft3 Kg/m3 ft2/ft3 m2/m3
1" 25mm 40 645 79.5 260 77 570
1.5" 38mm 37.5 600 64 210 78 430
2" 50mm 35.6 570 42.8 140 79 277
3" 76mm 36 580 32 105    

 Ceramic Supper Saddles Chemical Composition 

Composition Value Composition Value
SiO2 >69% CaO <0.25%
Al2O3 15-23% MgO <0.2%
SiO2+Al2O3 >92% K2O+Na2O 2-4%
Fe2O3 <1% Other <1%

 Physical Properties

Index Unit Value
Porosity Vol % 1
Specific heat KJ/Kg 840-900
Crush strength N/mm2 390-420
Specific gravity g/cm3 2.3-2.45
Acid Resistance % 99.98
Firing temperature 1280 to 1320
Softening point >1400
Density Kg/m3 2300-2400
Water absorption % <0.2
Thermal Expansion 10-6mm/mm℃ 4.7
Hardness Mohr Scale 7-8
Comprehensive strength Newtons 5600
Shock strength 1.0-1.5

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