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Large hole-opening ceramic dome

     Large Hole-open Ceramic dome (or Ball Arch), is the newest type of packing supporting structure used in sulphuric acid dry absorption towers. It is designed as an arch structure on the requirement of sulphuric acid fabrication equipment, and has the advantages of high strength, good safety and stability, easy assembly and long lifetime.
     Large hole-opening ceramic dome was developed to take the place of the traditional plane bars. By changing its structure into sphere support structure , it has great advantages such as great hole fraction,low drop pressure, great flux, uniform gas distribution, high-quality and uniform sustaining pressure etc. It's the most advanced packing supports nowadays. The diameter of the arch bottom we can provide is from 500mm to 7500mm . According to the inner size of the tower.


Acid resistance Hole ratio


Rapid cold-and hot -resistance


hole fraction





99.87% ≥65% 229MPa 250/20℃ 3 over 3 times 0.27% 0.12% 2.32g/cm3

Chemical compositions
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O H2
72 20.31 0.74 0.56 0.69 3.70 0.79 0.35

Ceramic strip arch

      Ceramic strip arch are used as support structures for bottom packing in dry absorption towers of concentrated sulphuric acid. The product has the advantages of better compatibility, lower cast, easier design and manufacture, shorter overhauling period and longer life time than cast iron ball arches. Their hole-opening rate is more than 60%. They have the properties of good anti-corrosion and acid-proof, good heat proof and stability, and uniform air distribution. Products in required sizes can be made according to the tower diameter. We offer construction direction for customers.

1500-1000    1000-900    900-800    800-700    700-600    600-500

75*220        75*220    75*220        40*300    40*300    40*300
Dimensions Can be customized to meet user requirements.

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