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Ceramic Honeycomb for Catalyst Support / Carrier 


Catalyst support, catalyst substrate/carrier, VOC, RCO

              Ceramic honeycomb materials are typically used as the catalyst carrier for purifying automotive/ vehicle emission( exhaust catalytic converter), removing bad smell ( for instance,  air-fresher machine for hotel, restaurant, toilet and so on), Industry's organic waste gas purification . Abatement of Volatile organic compounds  (VOC) , hazardous air pollutants (HAP), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (Nox), organic particulate matter (OPM), HC nytron, SO2, odors, and other air toxics in oil and chemical industry,  dust burning stove/ incinerator, power plant and so on. Also widely used in the application of Vehicle Catalytic oxidizers (CO),  Regenerative catalytic oxidizers (RCO) , ReNOx processes , Fixed bed adsorbers, Bio-systems. Catalytic converter catalyst supports,  Its operation  needs the coating of the catalyst, working as the substrate/support of catalyst.      

Vehicle emission purification

     Exhaust catalytic converter is made of thin wall cordierite ceramic honeycomb substrate( ceramic honeycomb support / carrier) and noble/precious metal coating.

Purification of industry waste gas
   Organic poisonous gas and  stinking industry waste gas can be oxidized by the ceramic honeycomb catalyst. Though that can be also achieved by burning with the flame directly,  necessary minimum temperature is usually above 800 Celsius, It needs a large amount of investment for energy and equipment expenses. If adopting the ceramic honeycomb catalyst solution, the operation temperature is only 250-350 Celsius which can be easily reached by heat exchanger, save you a lot of money in energy and equipment expenses. A good example is the application in the purification of the exhaust gas in  nitric acid factory.

 catalyst carrier for vehicle emission catalytic converter.



Cell Shape

Type  CPSI

diameter 150*75mm


300/400 cells/per square inch



300/400 cells/per square inch



300/400 cells/per square inch



300/400 cells/per square inch


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