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Acid resistant bricks / boards / pipes


     All kinds of these tiles or boards can be widely used in the construction of acid-resistant lining in drying towers , absorption towers and reactors etc in chemical and petrochemical industries. also widely applied to tanks, reactors, pools, floors, ditches etc in metallurgical and petrochemical industry .

Name Specification Name Specification
Rectangle brick 230*113*65 Acid resistant boards 180*110*15
Rectangle brick 230*65*65 Acid resistant boards 150*150*15-30
Rectangle brick 230*113*25/65 Acid resistant boards 150*70*15-30
Rectangle brick 230*113*25/65 Acid resistant boards 100*100*10
Rectangle brick 230*113*25/65 Acid resistant boards 80*80*10
Rectangle brick 230*113*25/65 Acid resistant boards 50*50*10

Technical Data

Project unit index The standard for measure
Volume density g/cm3


Hole fraction % 9.3-10.5 ASTM
(volumes' percentage) % 4.0-8.0 JC424-91
Water absorption(weight percentage) 450-20℃ Do not split for 20 times DIN
Thermal stability MPa 2138 DIN
Flexural strength MPa 123 DIN
Thermal conductivity(400 ℃ ) W/m.k 1.175 DIN
Hot coefficient of expansion(1000 ℃ ) 1/℃ 3.2*10-6 DIN
Hot expansion degree(1000 ℃ ) % 0.31 DIN
Acid resistant % 99.7 DIN
Weigh-loss of ball g/cm2 0.06 JC260-80

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