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    AceChemPack Tower Packing Co.,Ltd, the top leading manufacturer of tower packing, column packing and chemical ceramic, mainly manufactures the following products: column packing, Random tower packing, Structured tower packing with the material of ceramic, plastic and metal, chemical ceramic products. Our products are of German technology & workmanship and Chinese competitive price. You can select our products by applications:

Acid & Alkali Resistant: ceramic grid, big opening ceramic dome arch, ceramic bar, ceramic tower packing, ceramic ball

Cast Filters (for steel iron copper aluminium): ceramic foam filters (or foamed ceramic), ceramic honeycomb plate

Ceramic Foam Filters Alumnia Ceramic Foam Filters for the filtration of aluminum casting,  

Desiccant & Sorbent: Molecular sieve 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X etc.

Environmental Solutions:  Ceramic Honeycomb Catalyst support/ substrate/ carrier,   Biological Carrier Media for waste water treatment , pottery granules filter for water treatment , micro pore ceramic filter plate/pipe,

Grinding Media / Ball Mill: grinding ceramic balls, grinding ceramic cylinders.

Heat Exchange Ceramic & RTO: ceramic honeycomb, ceramic saddle, ceramic supper saddles, ceramic ball, holed ceramic ball

Random Tower Packing:       

Ceramic Random tower packing/column packing :       (column packing )

Ceramic Intaloks Saddle Ring, Ceramic Super Intaloks Saddle Ring, Super Cascade Ring, Ceramic Cascade Ring, Ceramic Pall Ring, Ceramic Cross-partition Ring, Ceramic Y Form Ring, Ceramic Conjugate Ring, Ceramic Raschig Ring, Ceramic Oval hole Chain, Ceramic Y Chain, Catalyst Bed Support Media (inert alumina ceramic ball) , Ceramic Saddles Packing manufacturer, supplier, exporter,  Column Packings and Packed Column Design, Ceramic Saddles, Pall Ring, and other ceramic column packing.

Plastic Random tower packing/column packing :

Plastic Pall Ring, Plastic Cascade mini ring, Plastic Conjugate ring, Plastic Heilex ring, Plastic Tellerette Rosette ring, Plastic Polyhedral hollow ball, Plastic Super Saddle ring, Plastic Saddle ring, Plastic Edge ball, Plastic Hollow floatation ball  and other plastic column packing.

Metal Random tower packing/column packing :

Metal Intaloks Saddle column packing , Metal Rectangle Saddle Ring, Metal Cascade ring column packing, Metal Conjugate ring, Super mini ring, Metal Improved Pall ring, Metal Pall ring column packing, Metal Inner arc ring, Metal Raschig ring column packing,  and other metal column packing.

Structured Tower Packing/column packing :

Ceramic Corrugated Packing, Ceramic Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing

Metal Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing, Metal Gauze Corrugated Packing

Plastic Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing,




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