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What do you mean by say competitive price, how can you lower your price with the same quality?

       Our products of same quality are 15% to 50% lower then our competitors. How can that be possible?  Tower packings are typical labour intensive products. Product cost is mainly consist of labour cost, raw material cost,  depreciation expense of  mould & equipment, research & development investment and other fees. Among them labour cost is the biggest part in the production of small size random packing especially in ceramic & metal tower packing. For example, 1'' metal cascade mini ring (material: sus304), the labor cost account for 50% of the total cost. and labor cost of smaller size metal packing and ceramic random packing is even more. Our plants are located in China inland, low labor cost (about 1/25 of USA labour cost) is one of our advantages. In addition, our large scale purchase raw material and mass production, excellent management, experienced engineers & skilled workers are also our important advantages.  Finally,  advanced highway & port facilities shorter the delivery time evidently. So our products of same quality are 15% to 50% lower then our competitors. Generally, cost of random packing is one of the most important cost of the packed tower. So that is very attractive to our clients and can save a lot of money for our customers. For Details, please visit here.

Quality Control

       Product quality is the first consideration. AceChemPack is an ISO 9001 Registered manufacturer, all the operations are thoroughly/strictly in compliance with ISO 9001.From the raw material  to each working procedure, from  finished  products to package, all the process procedure are strictly controlled by our QC personnel. Our products are of German technology & workmanship but at  Chinese competitive price.  For Details, please visit Quality Control.

Delivery Time

      AceChemPack Promises prompt and reliable delivery.

      Stock, To meet the requirement of urgent demand of our clients, AceChemPack keeps enough quantity products in stock especially for  the traditional standard random & structured packing, ceramic balls and molecular sieve.

Transport time to  

    USA, Houston in 26 days, to Los Angeles in 20 days,

    European  in 30 days,

    Middle East  in  23 days,

    Australian in 20 days,

    Singapore in 10 days. 

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