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 Metal Tower Random & Structured Packing

           AceChemPack  High Performance Packing combines the performance advantages of saddle and ring styles into one high performance packing. Its unique shape ensures low liquid holdup and low pressure drop. The external geometry prevents the packings from interlocking or entangling, ensuring the randomness and optimum surface area within the packed bed, while the internal fingers, arches and vanes promote optimum interfacial gas/liquid contact with minimal drag or hold-up. Energy consumption is reduced, due to lower reflux ratios.

         Structured Column Packing is formed from vertical sheets of corrugated thin gauge ceramic / metal/ plastic with the angle of the corrugations reversed in adjacent sheets to form a very open honeycomb structure with inclined flow channels and a relatively high surface area. To simplify installation, it is delivered in preformed slabs or segments that are sized to fit through the vessel manways. A high surface area will only provide efficient mass transfer if it is effectively used to increase vapour liquid-contact and therefore a variety of surface enhancements are available to promote liquid spreading over the packing surface. The low resistance to vapour flow together with efficient use of available surface tends to give structured packings significant performance advantages over random packings in high vapour rate/low liquid rate systems. 
      AceChemPack  offers two performance-improving structured packings: AceChemPack Corrugated Structured Packing, fabricated from ceramic, sheet metal or engineered plastics, and wire gauze packing.

         AceChemPack metal random Packing including: metal  intalox saddles, metal super intalox saddles, Nutter ring, metal pall ring, metal Cascade mini rings, metal conjugate rings, metal rectangle saddles, metal  VSP (eight four inner radian ring). Column Packings and Packed Column Design Pall Ring.


Absorption and Stripping (where high capacity and numerous stages are required)
Distillation towers (from deep vacuum to const pressure)
Heat transfer (refinery fractionators and olefin plant quench columns)
Heat and Mass Transfer Applications,  Gas Mixing, Extraction .

Material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, copper bronze,304L,316L etc.

Products List:                                                                                       Tower Structure

Intaloks Saddle Supper Intaloks Saddle Cascade ring Rectangle Saddle Ring
Metal Improved Pall ring Metal Pall ring Metal Nutter ring VSP Inner arc ring
Super mini ring  Raschig ring super Raschig ring Conjugate ring
Perforated Plate Corrugated Packing Gauze Corrugated Packing metal structured
 Saddle Supper Saddle metal structured packing  

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