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 Alumina Ceramic Balls     

Catalyst Bed Support Media(inert ceramic ball)

Activated Alumina Ceramic Balls

Heat Exchanger & Thermal Storage Ceramic Ball


Refractory balls

Grinding Ceramic Ball Grinding Ceramic Ball Refractory ball

General Characteristics:

        As a rule, ceramic balls resist corrosion and abrasion extremely well. AceChemPack Ceramic balls also have low thermal conductivity, and a high resistance to heat, acid and alkali. Ruby sapphire material can withstand extended exposure to temperatures in excess of 3250F. these qualities make ceramic balls useful for catalyst bed support , grinding media (grinding ceramic ball, grinding ceramic cylinders), heat exchanger & thermal storage media in RTO, refractory balls for fertilizer plant, steel iron plant applications.

       Inert aluminum oxide ceramic balls are widely used in many fields, including petroleum, chemical engineering, fertilizer production, natural gas and environmental protection. AceChemPack inert ceramic balls are widely used as covering and supporting materials of catalysts in reaction vessels and as packing in towers. Having stable chemical features and a low rate of water absorption, they can resist high temperatures and high pressure. AceChemPack inert ceramic balls can also resist the corrosion of acid, alkali and some other organic solvents, and are able to stand the change in temperature during the manufacturing process. The main role of these ceramic balls is to increase the distribution spots of gas or liquid, and to support and protect the activating catalyst with low strength.

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