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 Ceramic   Saddles

Ceramic  Saddles Ring for chemical and petrochemical 

        AceChemPack Ceramic Intalox saddle rings (Ceramic Saddles ) are  most frequently used high-performance packing and exhibit advantages for most applications in comparison with other shapes.  Their smooth surface imparts a high chemical resistance and provides Ceramic Intalox saddle rings  (Ceramic Saddles ) with a high level of stability.  Due to their simple form, ceramic saddles can be produced at a relatively low cost.


        AceChemPack Ceramic Intalox saddle rings ( Ceramic Saddles ) are widely used as Regenerative Thermal oxidizers, Acid Gas Scrubbers, Dryer Towers, Tail Gas Scrubbers and Impasse Towers.


Ceramic Saddles for heat transfer/exchange

     Ceramic saddles are mostly used as heat transfer media (RTO) and mass transfer media which requires good high/low temperature resistance or excellent acid-alkali resistant performance.

      Ceramic saddles are made from chemical porcelain and have excellent resistance to acids except in the case of hydrofluoric acid. Moisture absorption must be less than half a percent. The porcelain's specific gravity is 2.3-2.4g/cm3 and an average heat capacity (between 20℃ and 500℃ of 0.22 cal/g.℃). The softening point is 1400℃ min. And Ceramic saddle has excellent thermal shock resistance during repeated cycling between 20℃ and820 ℃.

Thermal shock test of RTO ceramic saddles:

  1. Randomly select 100-200 pieces of  ceramic saddles from the batch .

  2. For each sample selected, heat it up to 820℃ and maintain them at this temperature for 30 minutes

  3. Drop the hot pieces into cold 20℃ water

  4. Repeat steps B and C 10 times on each and every piece in the sample lot.

  5. Examine the pieces and count the percentage that show clear signs of breakage and/or cracking. Our standard is “less” than seven (5%) percent.

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